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Mindful Marking

At Sandringham school we have adopted the principles outlines by the Department for Education Marking Policy Review to develop a new whole school marking policy. The 3 principles of effective marking are that it should be: •Meaningful: marking varies by age group, subject, and what works best for the pupil and teacher in relation to any particular piece of work. Teachers are encouraged to adjust their approach as necessary and trusted to incorporate the outcomes into subsequent planning and teaching •Manageable: marking practice is proportionate and considers the frequency and complexity of written feedback, as well as the cost...

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The Lazy Teacher’s Handbook by Jim Smith and Ian Gilbert

I was first introduced to this book by a friend at the very start of my PGCE. At that point in time I was trying so hard to please my very picky tutor that I would never have dreamed of sitting back and saying nothing to the students for almost an entire hour! However, only 18 months later and I love this book. Sure, it is nothing new or ground breaking if you have been teaching for a while but it gave me that nudge I needed to try something more exciting and engaging. For those of you who haven’t read this book it isn’t literally a handbook for teachers who don’t want to do anything! It is a series of structured ideas that encourage independent, collaborative and group learning without you the teacher getting in the way! Lesson ideas like this take time to prepare (so this is the bit where you have to work rather than be lazy!), but once the lesson has started your students are empowered to lead their own learning without you interfering. I love anything creative, bright coloured and interactive so this book has given me the confidence to trust my students and to let them lead their own learning! Overall I would rate it highly and say that it is a handy book to have on your desk, even if it is...

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What Builds Character?

“A growth mindset is a character trait – that character being the drive to succeed. Teachers can educate students through the power of growth mindset language and therefore build character in young people that will make them ready for life outside of the school gates.” Oliver Beach One of our core objectives when developing our unique Character programme, was to encourage our learners to look beyond their academic studies and think about their own unique qualities and strengths that could be nurtured during their time at school. Their responses to opportunities and interactions will inform their readiness for their...

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Steps for Success

How do we encourage our learners to reflect upon the learning process? The Student Leadership Team worked with our PLT team to identify and develop a set of skills and strategies that lead to outstanding learning. One of the drivers around this is the meta-research of John Hattie (Visible Learning, 2009) and the EEF in their Toolkit that shows teaching meta-cognitive skills as being one of the highest impact strategies to assist progress. We hoped by visually sharing these steps we would encourage students to reflect on the process of learning in order to raise their attainment and encourage...

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Mindful Marking Marketplace

One of our overriding themes for Learning and Teaching this year has been to do more of what is impactful and less of what is not, with particular regard to teacher workload and student wellbeing. After reforming our whole-school homework policy last year, we are redeveloping the marking policy with the view that marking should be MEANINGFUL, MANAGEABLE AND MOTIVATIONAL. See herefor the DfE workload team guidance on marking. We held a marketplace in December on a variety of different approaches including whole-class feedback – see below for the attachment that has the resources and ideas from this...

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