Author: Fergal Moane

The Attainment Gap

If you want to read the full EEF report on closing the attainment gap, it is here: Also, a very interesting read for those delivering new 9-1 GCSEs this year on the topic of grade boundaries. Be aware that statistics will be used to align grades with previous cohorts:...

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5 effective assessment approaches using EdTech

As we start back to school, here are five approaches that can provide timely and effective feedback whilst potentially reducing marking workload (and using far less paper!) 1. Low Stakes Quizzing Testing works. Research has demonstrated that taking a test on studied material promotes remembering that material on a final test, a phenomenon called the “testing effect.” The two most popular apps at Sandringham to facilitate quick, low stakes, starter/plenary style quizzes are Kahoot and Quizziz. They both have their place: Kahoot for a competitive, high-energy approach with a vast array of pre-built tests to save time and Quizziz for a more individual,...

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