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Sandringham EdTech Demonstrator School's Twitter avatar
Sandringham EdTech Demonstrator School

Lots of interesting updates coming to Google Workspace for Education (previously G suite for Education), including…

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Emma Beaton

Well here we are almost at another half term of lockdown learning. Alongside our learning we've managed another 3 S…

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Sandringham Reads

This week’s Book of the Week is ‘Noughts and Crosses’. Sephy is a Cross, living a privileged life. Callum is a noug…

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Sandringham School

Lovely to see our students incredible work in the Herts Ad. Such an amazing piece of work, it deserved to be shared…

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DT Sandringham

Here's a nice little time lapse of the drawing task the students have been working on.

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Dukes TandL

@Sandagogy Fab 30 minute webinar this afternoon - good to see we are using many of the same tools. Looking forward…

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Sandringham PE

Live workouts for the school staff

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Shaun Allison

Super stuff as always from the Sandringham team

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Sandringham EdTech Demonstrator School

What a great #edtech discussion we had today. Thanks to the huge number of people who came to listen to…

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Desmos Starter Slides – A tool for checking in

We’ve all had that moment in a lesson, whether it be online or in person, where we ask the students if they have any questions and you’re met with silence and blank faces. I’m not going to dive into the reasons for this or give you a magic wand to make them all speak...

Adobe Scan

Over several years, I have tried various apps to turn written pages into pdfs that I can then easily email or save to the Google Drive.  I settled on using the camera on my iPhone, then a special ‘pinch’ that prints selected photos to a pdf, that I can then share as...


This week I have been using Blooket with my classes to revise necessary vocabulary and key phrases. It is a more elaborate version of Quizlet or Kahoot but works in a similar way to test factual information or definitions. The variety of games and activities available...

Making the most of waiting time – Ideas for starters

Very often in PRE I find that I am teaching a topic which is abstract, and which might require a subjective response from students. This goes with the territory of exploring issues within philosophy and ethics and with analysing and evaluating religious beliefs. But...

Online mini-whiteboards

As we return to online teaching, we face the obstacle of missing the visual cues that come with face-to-face teaching. Normally we all eagerly wait for that ‘light-bulb moment’ when it all just ‘clicks’, however I now actually find myself missing the moments of...

Strategies for peer interaction

Lockdown 2.0 has encouraged me to improve the amount of peer interaction that takes part in my remote teaching. The evidence shows that collaborative work and group discussion is essential for student motivation when working remotely and it is definitely needed to...

Utilising Google Sites and Google Classroom for Accessible Learning for All

'Embrace the pedagogy' was a key phrase that resonated with me last year from The National College Webinar: Remote Education: Teaching well structured, and effective and engaging remote lessons. In this webinar, Chris McShane highlighted that many of the technological...

Scanning paper documents to pdf

The availability of cameras on phones and devices means that students are able to take photos of their work to share with their teachers online. Although this is a great facility, it can be cumbersome when students are trying to share their work when it spans multiple...

New Tools in Google Meet – Preparing for Virtual Learning in January ’20

Google has been rolling out some exciting new features in Meet to increase usability for virtual classrooms. Many of these new features are even helpful to increase active learning in a socially distanced classroom, and they are certainly valuable in a hybrid setting...

Remote Learning: What’s Working Well at Sandringham

As we prepare for another period of remote learning, I have summarised some tools and approaches that Sandringham teachers have found helpful. These recommendations were suggested last term as we reflected on our experience of remote learning in the summer, shared...

Blended Learning Master Class