This week, I have been reflecting upon the importance of encouraging our students to Think Outside. I was reminded of the importance and benefits of working outside when we delivered a whole year group David Hockney art workshop to the Year 3 artists from Wheatfields School. We organised for the artists to work under the trees to create landscapes inspired by Hockney and our original aims were to simply emulate the working style of Hockney for the students. However, the impact of this creative teaching choice had a significant impact upon the students and we received many positive comments from the students, teachers and parents about how much they enjoyed the session and working outdoors to create large scale pieces. It served to remind me that what we could consider to be small decisions in relation to our lesson planning can have a tremendous impact on learners and also their well being, enjoyment and engagement with the overall activity. I would like to review my own teaching to ensure that where possible I seek for opportunities for students to make the most of our natural environment within the school grounds by providing structured teaching and learning opportunities outside. If you are inspired to work outdoors please let us know as we would love to come and see creative teaching which encourage thinking outside and structured learning opportunities which promote engagement with the natural world.