Using student work as exemplars is a powerful technique – gives a motivational boost to those students whose work is displayed and a clear target for other students to aim for. The evidence also shows that peer learning is powerful.

We all carry a visualiser in our pocket these days in the form of a mobile phone or tablet device. No longer are visualisers bulky products that are fiddly to set up and work needs to be brought to the machine. I saw this when our Director of Learning for Science, Sam Head, used his iPad to roam the classroom during a learning activity in Year 10 Biology where some challenging data handling and graph work was being undertaken. By using a piece of software, Airserver, running on his laptop that mirrored what the iPad camera was seeing to the projector, he was able to show student work to the whole class with minimal fuss and maximum impact. The students chosen were proud and this intervention allowed the others to make rapid progress towards their goal.

If you are at Sandringham, see our IT team to get Airserver set up on your laptop. Other schools may use Apple TV or Reflector or Google Chromecast to similar effect.