Author Neil Miller

A critical component of campus life at Sandringham School is the integration of student reflections and ideas into the working mechanisms of the organisation. This is facilitated through the work of the Student Leadership Team (SLT) who provide a platform for the wider student voice. The SLT are an elected body with representatives from every year across the school, from Year 7 to the Sixth Form. Whilst they regularly collaborate on important whole school events, they are also arranged into working committees Charity and Community, Digital and Communications, Ecology and Sustainability, Student Wellbeing and Development and Teaching and Learning – that seek to deliver effective and meaningful change for the student fraternity. The committees have different remits:

Charity & Community Work to support charity events and drives as well as strengthen links to the wider community

Digital and Communications  Work to ensure that the student voice has an effective platform from which to be heard, as well as supporting staff with the development of digital platforms in school

Ecology and Sustainability  Work to implement sustainable strategies to develop the school environment, and improve the effectiveness of the schools use of different resources

Student Wellbeing and Development  Work to support the physical and mental health of students, as well as ensuring students develop positive strategies to help their academic and social development

Teaching and Learning Work with the school’s Professional Learning Team (PLT) to provide student perspectives of the most effective ways that they learn

Each of the committees meet on a bi-weekly basis, chaired by sixth form students and supported by members of staff. Ideas are considered by school leadership, who value and often act upon student recommendations. Ultimately, the student voice has a powerful and meaningful impact on everyday school life, and provide an accessible platform for students to broadcast their ideas, concerns and positive experiences.