Super Curriculum

At Sandringham School, we want to give students every opportunity to develop their love of learning. We have developed a Super Curriculum which provides students with a range of suggested activities that take their regular curriculum further. They take the subjects students study in the classroom beyond that which their teacher has taught. These activities can take many forms including reading, watching videos online, downloading podcasts, attending lectures, visiting museums or entering academic competitions. Engaging in super curricular activities will help students develop a love for their favorite subject or subjects. On this page you can download subject booklets which include a range of activities for that specific subject. We also provide Key Stage booklets which include all subjects Super Curriculum offer for the Key Stage. These book lists are by no means exhaustive lists of everything students could do in each subject but should get students started. In the future, employers or universities will be interested to hear about what super curricular activities students have engaged in; they will be interested in what students have learnt and impressed by the initiative taken.