For 2018-19 academic year, our focus is upon Inclusion. We have reorganised to try to integrate the support given for SEND, Pupil Premium, Children Looked After and High Starters (Gifted and Talented). The idea is to maximise the potential for every child, surely the goal for all teachers.

To this end, we have further developed an idea from the old National Strategies called Circles of Inclusion. All of our teachers will use the data we have on learners and their own professsional judgement to ensure that barriers to learning are broken down, appropriate differentiation is in place and talented students can be given extension work to achieve highly.

Please find attached some resources from our INSET day and also be directed towards our revamped Differentation section on Sandagogy with our interactive differentiation tube map.

Circles of Inclusion

Differentiation Dictionary Sept 2018

Session 1.5 Inclusion – Teach and Support your students