A key focus for the Professional Learning Team in 2018 has been research and development of a new whole-school marking policy.

The driver has been to take the latest research into marking and feedback and apply this to deliver the best outcomes for students. A second priority has been to allow faculties to have approaches that best suit their subjects. The frequency, assessment methods and target setting for students can be very different, for example between English, Maths and Art. A final objective was to respond to the challenge on teacher workload, and ensure that our teachers are conserving precious marking time, improving the quality of feedback whilst reducing the quantity of burdensome and unproductive marking.

The result of our research is presented here: https://www.sandringham.herts.sch.uk/marking-and-feedback/

We recognise that this policy may not suit every school, but this should be an informative starting point for anyone contemplating marking policy changes in their own setting.