Hannah Fryer has been using a range of different applications to support her Maths teaching during this remote learning period. Her review of the most useful apps is below:


This is a great app for creating lesson videos. If you want to pre-record your lesson whilst annotating pictures or just drawing free hand this is a great app to do it on. It has an editing tool as well If you want to trim the video or add new content. You can also change the background to be lined paper, a grid or an axis. The pro account is expensive but comes with some cool features if you were interested. Once you’ve made your videos, you can export them straight to classroom, or you can create classes on the app and invite students to view the lessons on there. Unfortunately, without paying for the upgrade, this is the only way to share the videos. (there is a free Pro upgrade offer until 1st June here) Again, this app is useful for pre-recording lessons, or to use as a whiteboard when sharing your screen on Google Meet.



This is something we already have at Sandringham, but I wanted to feature it as it is so good for home learning. You can create or upload PowerPoints and google slides with integrated questioning. Nearpod have also granted access to the ‘student paced’ assignments until June 30th. This means you could set the work at any point for the students to complete.


Shadow Puppet Edu

This is an app to talk over a slideshow of photos. You control the speed that the photos are going at. There is also a function to have a cursor/laser/emoji pointer which is useful, you can also have words appear on the screen. It takes a while to get used to but could be useful for talking through a topic or explaining an experiment.



A great app for note taking. An idea being that you share your screen with students whilst teaching on google meet, making the note page whilst teaching and then sharing it with the students after the lesson. There is lots you can do on here, from voice recordings, to adding links to PowerPoints and online content.


Explain Everything

This is another recording whiteboard app. The differences with this one are that you can export your recording as a video to share where you want, and you can also import pdfs to edit. It takes a while to get used to but some of the free features are really good. It has video editing functions, as well as a laser pointer. The free version only allows one slide, but you can pause your recording, edit the page and start recording again, so you don’t really need multiple slides. This app is useful for pre-recording lessons, or to use as a whiteboard when sharing your screen on Google Meet.