We can offer guidance on updating Safeguarding procedures and promoting the wellbeing of staff and students through the EdTech Demonstrator programme. Some key features of Sandringham’s approach to promoting wellbeing have included:

  • Keeping a structure to the day for students through keeping the timetable.
  • Adjusting according to feedback from students and parents, for example shortening lessons to allow for leg stretches.
  • Running virtual clubs – eg. school choir, dance club, PE challenges.
  • Creating a virtual staffroom using Google Classroom.
  • Regular check-ins in faculties and faculty remote social events.

For children you may want to promote the children’s commissioner’s ‘Digital 5 a day’.

You should also follow the PHE advice on those with mental health problems.

There are also many useful websites that promote online safety and that are useful for parents. For example:


Safeguarding policies need to be updated for remote learning, if you are working directly with us as part of the demonstrator programme we will be able to share with you the policies we have worked on. The key government advice should be followed on safeguarding and joint union advice should also be considered.

Now is a good time to review your school’s approach to online safety, to learn how to do this could sign up to our webinar looking at the online safety self review: https://albantsa.co.uk/course/360safe-self-review-framework-and-online-safety/

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