The availability of cameras on phones and devices means that students are able to take photos of their work to share with their teachers online. Although this is a great facility, it can be cumbersome when students are trying to share their work when it spans multiple pages. As a teacher you may have struggled to wade through multiple photos per student to get a sense of their complete piece of work. Furthermore, providing feedback onto photos isn’t that easy.

Document to pdf scanner apps are really helpful in this regard. They rely on a phone or device’s camera to take photos of the different pages of work but cleverly brings them altogether into one continuous pdf document. This obviously saves teachers a lot of time as each student is then able to submit just one file. Furthermore if these pdfs are submitted through platforms such as ‘Assignments’ on Google Classroom, teachers are able add comments to the pdf files as they would normally do to a Word or Google Doc file and return to students.

The Microsoft Office Lens app has been popular at Sandringham. In addition, the Notes app, found on iPhone and iPads, can be used in the same way. The video below shows how this can be used to scan a paper document, convert it to pdf and upload it to wherever it needs to go within minutes.