How do we encourage our learners to reflect upon the learning process?

The Student Leadership Team worked with our PLT team to identify and develop a set of skills and strategies that lead to outstanding learning. One of the drivers around this is the meta-research of John Hattie (Visible Learning, 2009) and the EEF in their Toolkit that shows teaching meta-cognitive skills as being one of the highest impact strategies to assist progress. We hoped by visually sharing these steps we would encourage students to reflect on the process of learning in order to raise their attainment and encourage further independence in their approach. By encouraging students to think about their approach and reflect on the individual learning steps they could take we hope to build reflective and resilient learners.

Our PLT and SLT team also worked with the teaching staff to identify the key steps for learning that we could share with learners in a visual form to begin to create a dialogue about their own learning journeys. Our agreed Learning Steps also weaves in a number of initiatives from the past few years at Sandringham, including independent learning (5 Rs), ReACT (feedback), memory (review, practice, check) and character development.