Quizlet is super simple, but that’s part of its appeal. Teachers and students can browse existing content or upload their own. Just like real flashcards that you make or borrow from a friend, quality can vary, but on the whole, the public content is pretty good. You can click on a word or definition to hear it read aloud or attach voice recordings to flash cards.

Quizlet’s Learn mode takes data from millions of anonymous sessions and uses’ study techniques to generate an adaptive study plan to improve learning.

Quizlet Live is also a great way to introduce new content. It requires students to collaborate with their teams to select the right answer, students can pool their collective knowledge to deduce the answers, or you can encourage them to do research as they play the game. Quizlet has recently introduced an individual gameplay option with gameplay similar to that of Kahoot! and Quizizz.

The video below is a teaching tip showing how to use Quizlet Live: