This page collects together ideas that are particularly focussed upon pedagogy for virtual learning. There is a deluge of vendors offering their digital wares for free or reduced price at this time. While this is welcome, sometimes less is more and teachers need support with how teaching and learning need to be adjusted to be effective in this paradigm shift.

The Education Endowment Foundation

The EEF have produced a rich set of evidence informed resources, linked to the Digital Technology Guidance Report and the Rapid Evidence Assessment of remote learning approaches

The key findings from the evidence review are here and there is a recommended approach for remote learning that integrates solid evidence-informed advice around structuring and planning lessons for remote access

Christian Turton – Sandringham Computing Hub

Adapting Existing Pedagogy to Distance Learning

Mark Esner – Using Rosenshine’s Principles for online learning

Doug Lemov – Feedback loops

Marc Rowland – Considerations for remote learning and disadvantaged students

Harry Fletcher-Wood – Planning Distance Schooling

Learning in the time of coronavirus: planning distance schooling

Tom Sherrington’s advice on setting work for the long haul

Setting work for a long-haul shut-down.

Daisy Christodoulou on do’s and don’ts of remote learning

Remote learning: why hasn’t it worked before and what can we do to change that?

Teacher Toolkit – 47 ideas for teaching online

46 Ideas: How To Teach Online

Harvard’s advice on Teaching Remotely

Chartered College of Teaching

Herts for Learning selected apps and platforms for primary and secondary schools

Google GSuite

Sandringham Training Materials

At Sandringham, please use Google Meet in preference to Zoom or other video tools. It isn’t specifically designed for teaching, you will need to ‘manage’ the class appropriately (e.g. get the students to mute their video/audio unless answering a question and use the chat function to ask questions. Normal sanctions apply for students who misuse the technology – set the expectations at the start. If you are concerned about managing a large classroom video conference, use the tools provided by Nearpod to have more control:

Ideas for online instruction

Companies offering free access to tools during school closures

Twinkl One Month Free offer and ideas for teaching with Twinkl