Building strong relationships is critical for students to learn.  We think great teaching and learning happens when:

Sandringham teachers:

2.1 Create a climate of high expectations, high challenge and high trust so that students are confident to take risks

2.2 Know their students as individuals, know their SEND and pastoral needs and work well with Teaching Assistants

ReAct staff planner

2.3 Build and model relationships with students characterised by Sandringham’s 3Rs: Respect, Relationships and Responsibility

2.4 Expect exemplary behaviour, reward students, anticipate and respond to any disruption swiftly using Sandringham’s Reward and Consequence system consistently

2.5 Create opportunities for mature peer relationships through effective grouping, structured talk, collaborative tasks and peer assessment

2.6 Support students to have positive self-regard through experiencing genuine enjoyment, success and belonging in the classroom