Sandringham Learning Journal Volume 3

This volume of the Sandringham Learning Journal is divided into
three sections. The first section, Evidence-Informed Practice,
provides insight into the many ways in which we engage with
research and enquiry at Sandringham. This is followed by
Reflections on Classroom Practice, which celebrates the ideas,
strategies and innovations tried and tested in the classroom this
year. Finally, Reflections on School Life provides an insight into
the melting pot of experiences that exist both inside and outside
the classroom. But don’t let the three sub-sections fool you; within
each of these areas is a diversity of articles and research which is
truly inspiring and illustrates the breadth of interest of this
professional learning community. But, unsurprisingly, there is an
underlying theme which permeates the entire journal: the
fundamental importance of ensuring that all we do has impact by
placing students at the centre of our school community.

“This journal celebrates the importance of professional learning as a collective endeavour. The individual accounts and studies are presented in a compact, accessible manner and together form a highly compelling narrative of what can be achieved when a school has lifelong learning at the heart. Sandringham School clearly lives and breathes a vision of collaborative learning and engagement with research; this ambitious improvement agenda shines through every aspect of this journal and is both impressive and heartening. Read and learn!”
Dame Alison Peacock, Executive Headteacher, The Wroxham School

“Another wonderful learning journal produced by the teachers and research leaders at Sandringham School. It is clear that research, enquiry and reflection are not minority activities at the school. The extensive participation of teachers in the search for evidence that will no doubt inform their teaching and those of their colleagues is inspiring not only for the profession, but the field of education. The breadth of research interests is impressive and I was struck by several approaches that were borrowed from other schools and adapted to the school’s local context. Interventions and approaches need to be tried and tested in different contexts and environments so this strategy is well placed. I would encourage others to consider the approaches outlined in this journal and look to conduct similar research that will help us all find out what works.”
Dr Gillian Hampden-Thompson, Professor of Education, University of Sussex

“I am blown away by this journal yet again. It is amazing to see so many professionals in one school reflecting systematically on their practice and drawing on research for guidance. This school must have a great culture of learning for all and drive for self-improvement.”
Lia Commissar, Project Manager for Education and Neuroscience, Wellcome Trust

TITLE Sandringham Learning Journal Volume 3



PUBLISHER Sandringham School

BINDING TYPE Paperback & Digital