Sandringham Learning Journal Volume 5

The purpose of the Sandringham Learning Journal is to share the extraordinary practice that exists at Sandringham School. As you will read in the following pages, staff from our school are innovating, taking the initiative to improve practice and ultimately having an impact on the learning of our students. This commitment and creativity should not only be shared but celebrated widely. It has been a privilege editing this journal, I have been given an insight into the thoughts and values that drive such an impressive staff body. I implore you to read each and every page; you will be inspired.

“This is a significant and important body of work. It is characterised by professional curiosity, humility and collaboration. A theme which emerges is the extent to which colleagues have enjoyed working together, sharing ideas and developing their practice. Contributions have been underpinned by research which has been used carefully within the school’s context and it is this which makes professional reflection and action so powerful. It is also evident that colleagues have tested some of their provisional ideas with professionals in other settings and by doing this are spreading professional knowledge and discourse. I hope this resource will be available online as it is a gold mine of thoughtful, powerful research. I shall be recommending it to colleagues and shall be referring to it myself as I reflect on those aspects of our work which have the greatest impact on improving outcomes for students.”
Mary Myatt, Education Advisor, writer and speaker

“Your school learning journal is a fantastic idea and the articles I have read are most interesting indeed. I am particularly impressed by the breadth of the topics covered and the different approaches taken, ranging from personal reflections on leadership to what looks to be a very interesting and evidence based intervention in the physics department to promote the participation of girls. I think what is most striking to me is that the teachers’ accounts of their various research activities all confirm that providing an opportunity to reflect on issues, irrespective of the content, is really useful in itself and can improve practice. I am also impressed by the detailed and practical nature of some of the articles, e.g. the memory clock, as well as the honest acknowledgement of the challenges faced when implementing ideas. A willingness to discuss the difficulties teachers encounter is crucial if the articles are to be successfully used by others to inform their practice. Your journal had a number of articles that did this well, including the piece on teacher workload. It is really wonderful to see such reflective practice in action and sharing reflections and action research with other teachers via the journal is, I am sure, most valuable.”
Professor Anna Vignoles, Faculty of Education and Jesus College, University of Cambridge

“The fifth volume of the Sandringham Learning Journal is another exceptiona laccomplishment and a testament to the hard work and endeavour shown by colleagues who continue to reflect on their practice, never ceasing to see their development as part of an ongoing learning journey.”
Daniel Sabato, Assistant Headteacher, Haberdashers Aske School

TITLE?Sandringham Learning Journal Volume 5



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