Sandringham Learning Journal Volume 6

Welcome to Volume 6 of the Sandringham Learning Journal.

This represents another selection of insights into modern education, from articles on system change and self-evaluation, to carefully evidenced research through to personal reflections.

We hope that you find something in this journal useful in your own practice!

Dame Alison Peacock, Chartered College of Teaching

This Learning Journal provides a microcosm of the professional learning culture that I believe we need to experience at scale. I read the journal from cover to cover one Sunday morning enjoying the wide range of contributions, all of which are written in a brisk compelling style, ideal for the busy teacher. The Chartered College of Teaching seeks to build a collective ambition for teachers that celebrates the agency borne out of enquiry, reflection and debate with a central mission of providing the best possible learning opportunities for children and young people. This spirit shines out of the Sandringham Learning Journal – congratulations!

David Waters, Assistant Headteacher, St.Georges School

A fascinating collection of articles. All equally worthy in their own way, but what drives a common purpose in each is not only the importance of reflection, but also the desire to keep improving. What is it that catalyses this process of change? Reading Alan Gray’s thoughtful article on self-evaluation, particularly through his exploration of Professor Hopkins’ ideas, I was reminded of the importance of leadership throughout the school, of teacher agency. Building on this, James Cracknell and Graeme Swann’s insights spoke volumes: passion for subject, the ability to inspire and shape young minds, the need to refocus on our core purpose as teachers. This echoes an important national conversation, which is clearly embedded in myriad ways, in this journal.

Athena Pitsillis, Head of English, Canons High School, Harrow

Let me start by saying how much of a pleasure it has been reading the Sandringham Journal over the last few days. Upon opening the document I was initially shocked by the 127 pages and thought to myself how will I have time to read this on top of everything else I have to do? However, once I started, I found myself immediately absorbed in the experiences and reflections of all the colleagues who have contributed this year. I am truly blown away by the sheer amount of work of so many colleagues who have taken time to write about their experiences: the good, the bad and the funny! It is so clear from reading these accounts that the students are at the forefront of decision-making at Sandringham and it is impressive to see how much work is going on in the school. In reading through I have had so many reactions; from nodding my head in agreement, giggling to myself and even taking notes of key research findings. As a new member of staff joining the school in September, it has been invaluable at providing me with a better insight and understanding of what goes on at Sandringham day-to-day, month-to-month and across the year and it is highly impressive!

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PUBLISHER Sandringham School

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