Sandringham Learning Journal Volume 1

The Sandringham Learning Journal is divided into sections, sharing a range of learning that our staff have undertaken this year. Starting with classroom
innovations, we hear from a range of staff sharing the development of strategies that has improved achievement for their students. The next two sections focus on the outcomes of the development projects being led in school this year from those with a Leading Edge Bursary and those on the Hertscam Teacher Led Development Work programme. This is followed by a section devoted to our Advanced Lead Teachers who share the initiatives they have been developing. The penultimate section centres on the learning from other schools and the final section gives an insight into learning from other
educational forums and institutions.

Dr Ben Goldacre, author, broadcaster, campaigner, medical doctor and academic @bengoldacre

“This is great and what a good idea.”
David Frost, Senior Lecturer in Education, University of Cambridge @hertscam

“Sandagogy and the journal are great. I look forward to reading more.”
Dr Bethan Morgan, Teaching Associate, University of Cambridge @morgteach

“Brilliant journal, thanks for sharing.”
Daniel J Ayres, Senior Lecturer in Education, University of East London @DanielAyres

“I am delighted that there has been so much interest in our first edition of the staff journal. It is really important for us that we continue to research about teaching and learning and I would like to thank all contributors to this edition. I would also like to encourage new authors for volume 2.”
Alan Gray, Headteacher, Sandringham School

TITLE?Sandringham Learning Journal Volume 1



PUBLISHER?Sandringham School

BINDING TYPE?Paperback & Digital