Sandringham Learning Journal Volume 2

The Sandringham Learning Journal is divided into sections,
which powerfully illustrate the breadth and diversity of learning
that staff have been involved in this year. The first two sections
focus on ways in which we can improve student achievement
and outcomes, firstly in developing our own classroom practice
and secondly through our use of ICT. This is followed by a
section looking at different groups of students and discusses
ways to narrow the gap. The penultimate section offers
reflections on our curriculum and extended learning
opportunities and the final section gives insight into various
professional roles within our learning community.

“I was delighted to receive the journal and found it made for some fascinating reading. I don’t think I have ever seen such a helpful anthology of articles covering so many different aspects of teachers’ work. Each of the separate sections is a treasure trove in itself, and the overall combination is an immensely valuable teaching resource. To read the rest of the letter, click here.”
Rt Hon Michael Gove MP, Secretary of State for Education, 2010-2014

“This is one of the most significant CPD reads, generated from within a school, that you may ever come across! The Sandringham Learning Journal showcases reflective practice from nearly 40 teachers, within just one school! This evidence-base is the personification of grassroots CPD and further supports my claim, that teachers are ‘doing it for themselves.’ Sandringham has produced a document, so infectious, that the endemic culture within the school is apparent; full of reflection and saturated by all things teaching. It is a must read for all those engaged with action-research.”
Ross Morrison McGill, school leader, author and most followed UK teacher on Twitter@TeacherToolkit

“What a pleasure to read these thoughtful insights into practice……. Really terrific stuff, and exactly the kind of thing that (in my opinion) the profession needs more of – the sharing of insights and expertise amongst educators. My impression is that Britain is the like the States in that the opportunities for such professional communication is not built into the school day. It’s fantastic that you’re addressing the need in this way.”
Daniel Willingham, Professor of Psychology at the University of Virginia and author of Why students don’t like school @DTWillingham

“I’ve been a Headteacher for 20 years now and like Gemma Harvey remember the days of getting excited about coloured chalk!! I’ve been around the block a few times and so am not so easily impressed, until I read something like this …..WOW. It is an exceptional piece of work in every way and anyone reading the journal would realise what a great school Sandringham is. I particularly like the fact that it’s so easy to read and gives ideas that can be implemented straight away (I’ve already pinched the strategy of working with students with low levels of home support). You must feel so proud to work in a place that has this many talented staff. Please pass on my thanks and congratulations to everyone involved.”
Ani Magil, Headteacher, St John the Baptist School @animagill

TITLE?Sandringham Learning Journal Volume 2



PUBLISHER Sandringham School

BINDING TYPE Paperback & Digital