Research Publications

The publications below have been influential at Sandringham. You can access them by clicking on each image.

Great Teaching Toolkit: Evidence Review

Drawing on the latest research evidence, this report from EBE sets out the best bets for teachers, covering the learning process, the classroom environment, managing behaviour and effective teaching strategies.

Strengthening the Student Toolbox

This seminal article from John Dunlosky provides a useful overview of the most effective strategies students can use to boost learning.

Metacognition and self regulation guidance report

Metacognitive strategies have the potential to add seven additional months progress to students outcomes. This report from the Education Endowment Foundation outlines seven actionable strategies to use in the classroom.

The Science of Learning

This paper from Deans for Impact effectively communicates research from cognitive science about how students learn and the practical implications for teaching and learning.

The Early Career Framework

This framework, written by the DfE and endorsed by the EEF, succinctly sets out the key knowledge and practice that new teachers should be equipped with on entering the profession. The reading list in the reference section is recommended.

The Role of Knowledge Brokers in Education

A very useful book exploring the role of research in education and case studies of effective practice. Sandringham contributed a chapter about its role leading Evidence for the Frontline.

Why don’t students like school?

This book from Professor Daniel Willingham is written for teachers to help them improve their practice by explaining how they and their students think and learn.


Understanding Working Memory – A Classroom Guide

This paper from Professor Susan Gathercole provides an introduction to working memory and the role it plays in learning. It includes case studies and recommendations for the classroom.

Cognitive load theory

Cognitive load theory was recently described by Dylan Wiliam as the single most important thing for teachers to know. This paper describes the research on cognitive load theory and what it means for more effective teaching practice.

A Marked Improvement

This report from the EEF and University of Oxford sets out the existing research evidence on marking. It summarises what we can conclude from the evidence and clarifies the areas where we simply do not yet know enough.

Education in England 2020

This report from the Education Policy Institute examines England’s attainment gaps, helps us understand where the greatest challenges appear to be and identifies drivers of change.