This week I have been using Blooket with my classes to revise necessary vocabulary and key phrases. It is a more elaborate version of Quizlet or Kahoot but works in a similar way to test factual information or definitions. The variety of games and activities available have entertained all my classes from Year 7 through to Year 13.

The main difference between Quizlet/Kahoot and Blooket is that on Blooket you have a range of games to choose from. All games can be based on one ‘set’ of vocabulary/ definitions/facts but you can choose which game you want to play with your class. This helps to keep it fresh for students and teachers alike!

If you already have a number of Quizlets set up for your subject, you can import these to Blooket, saving on creation and preparation time.

I have also found a Blooket game or assignment to be useful as assessment for learning. Once the game has been played you can see how many answers each student got right/wrong and you can go through the quiz question by question to see which questions caught the class as a whole out. You can even download the results of the game/quiz as an excel file to transfer to your personal marksheet/markbook.

You can also access the scores/results of a game via the ‘History’ tab on the left hand side of the website. This is helpful, especially if you are going from one lesson to another and cannot go through the scores straight away. 

Blooket games are available to play live or to set as an assignment or homework style task. This can support for lessons where you are not teaching live, or homework revision.